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A full-service real estate company serving real estate investors throughout NC.

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Introducing Turnkee Property Solutions

Turnkee Property Solutions (“TPS”) is a full-service real estate company serving real estate investors throughout NC. TPS is a DBA to Turnkee RE Investors LLC (“Turnkee”), established in 2017 and operating in the state of NC.

No Hassles! No hidden fees! With 25+ years of combined real estate experience, TPS is able to identify solid investments for you and connect you to the direct seller.

Everything you need!  We have the legal, lending and brokerage services required to get you through closing.

Our investment is YOU!  We assist with portfolio management, equip you with solid exit strategies, and business the strategies needed to start or grow your business

Take back your time!  Our savvy web design, grapic design and marketing will stand your business apart from your competition.  We remove the science of marketing from you, keeping you focuses on what you do best.

Call us today at 833-433-0871! We’d love to hear from you.

What we Can Help You With?

Property Search

Business Strategy

Site Visits

Web Design

Contract Disposition


What exactly does TurnKee Property Solutions Do?

TPS Basics

Our team consists of seasoned individuals possessing over 25 years of combined real estate knowledge.  We provide Investment Services such as:

  • Property Search – We locate solid investment properties
  • Site Visits – We connect you to the property and seller
  • Contract Disposition – We have the brokerage and legal teams to bring you to “closing”

      We also provide Business Services such as:

      • Business Strategy – strategies to help grow your business
      • Web design – professional websites, optimized for mobile
      • Marketing – written and video content for the web
      • Graphic Design – logos, flyers, posters, business cards, etc


      DO I NEED TPS?

      Do you spend tireless hours searching for properties?

      Is you valuable time wasted trying to connect with sellers?

      Has your current business hit a plateau in sales?

      Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?

      If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, call us now at (833) 433-0871.  We’d love to help.

      Turnkee helped me. . .

      I have worked with TurnKee for years and they never fail to bring a unique perspective with their assistance. They are very responsive and make sure all of their bases are covered when it comes to real estate. I would recommend this business to anyone in the real estate market because they do a great job at providing a genuine and professional experience for everyone. I look forward to working with them more in the future!



      Vanessa has been and is an exceptional leader & mentor. She’s extremely organized and professional, but if you need to talk about personal issues with her, she will make herself available. 

      Unlike most of those in leadership, she’s open to discussing new ideas and even trying them, even if previous methods have been successful in the past.  That speaks volumes because that lets all team members know that she’s willing to think outside the box and how she values everyone’s input & opinions through the next game plan. 

      She’s also willing to say, “I don’t know how to do something” or “I don’t know what something is”. Instead of dragging out team meetings, she will have quick ‘1 on 1’s’ for a better understanding & breakdown which shows the other team members how much she respects and values our time while getting a better understanding of what she doesn’t know.  

      These attributes, along with her other talents, will contribute to the great success she will have in the very near future.

      Jason Hawkins


      Vanessa is professional, informative and patient. I appreciated how she took her time in learning what types of homes I was interested in and some the needs of my family over time. She definitely helped me to become more prepared for the process and not rush to just be done with this. I am glad to had her help me on this journey.

      Kira Wills

      Potential Homebuyer

      “Last year had a situation arise whereby the Turnkee team not only saved us, they were compassionate, confidential and expedited the process.  We were running against time and Turnkee executed!!!  Loved working with them.”

      The Clemons Family


      “I worked with Vanessa during the Pandemic, when so much was unsure. Because of this a lot of our communication ended up being via phone and e-mail. I found Vanessa easy to speak with, professional, and honest with me which I truly appreciated. While I never purchased through Vanessa I really appreciated her guidance and help through my decision making process.”

      Jason M Hood


      Working with Turnkee I was quickly able to obtain my goals.  They easy to work with. The staff is  friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  Go Turnkee!!!



      “Vanessa listens and was knowledgeable in the market and willing to do go above and beyond to assist with my search.  Unfortunately my plans changed and I was unable to proceed.”

      Jessica Shree



      Company Phone

      (833) 433-0871






      Call us  at: (833) 433-0871