1. Have a passion for what you are doing.  Working your passion always produces good results because it doesn’t feel like work.  You are doing what you love to do, which makes it authentic.  You do it despite being paid to do so if it’s your passion.
  1. Understand your strengths, skills, and time available.  Ensure you are well-grounded and well-balanced.  It’s better to master one thing at a time instead of touching everything and mastering nothing.  Manage your time methodically so that you can stay true to your deadlines.  Time is not your friend and can get away from you quickly if not managed.
  1. Focus on the client and fully understand the market.  Remember, the client is the one you provide the product or service to.  The client knows what they want.  Understanding their needs and the current market gives you insight on how to tailor your product or service before bringing it to market.
  1. Surround yourself with advisors and mentors.  You only know what you know.  There are many functions within a business, whether it’s a small ma/pa shop or a multi-million dollar business. To sustain each business requires operations to be performed outside of its niche.  For example, you may be great at baking pies, and they may sell well, but what about tracking the income vs. expenses, taxes, receipts, payroll, business formation, etc.  Those are the tasks that could stunt and sometimes halt an upcoming entrepreneur.
  1. Write a business plan.  Even if at the moment it is not needed, I say write one anyway.  Eventually, it will be required, especially when seeking funding.  Writing a business plan is an excellent way to learn all the aspects of your business.  It forces you to look at every area and answer some tough questions.  It gives you a view of how others are viewing your business.
  2. Know your numbers.  At some point, you may need some financial assistance in starting your business.  There are plenty of resources for new companies, many with their requirements.  But there is one requirement they all have.  They all want to know the numbers.  You cannot expect financial support if you cannot explain your numbers, how you will utilize the financial support, or how you will pay it back.