Did you know 9 of the top 20 and 5 of the top 10 reasons for start-up failures relate to customers? The common reasons:

Not knowing the customer’s pain points

Not knowing their goals and needs

Not listening to them

Not communicating effectively with them

Having a product they don’t need – no demand

Answers to these challenges are addressed in the science of marketing. With the invention of the internet, products and services have flooded the world wide web. The competition is excellent. Post-pandemic, customers shop online now more than ever, and in most cases, customers don’t venture out to brick-and-mortar or place an order until they’ve shopped online.

While innovation may give birth to a company, it is marketing that keeps it alive, enhancing its growth and sustainability. Even if your budget is tight, investing in marketing must be a priority. Lisa Calhoun of Write2Market stated, “If you think marketing is too expensive, you should try how expensive it is to build a company without it.”

According to a HubSpot survey, marketing offers a 300% return on investment for young companies, while companies that prioritize marketing are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment.

Those who believe that marketing is an add-on or optional extra, something that will wait until later, or an investment that perhaps they can’t afford couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that the world’s most excellent product or service is going nowhere if nobody knows about it.

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