As small business owners, we juggle many hats.  Often times we pay for a website and then “park it.” Here are some ways to determine whether or not your website needs a makeover.

  1. Outdated landing page or homepage: The content hasn’t been updated and therefore is no longer relevant or interesting to the end user. If the information is no longer relevant or interesting, the website serves no purpose and results in customers choosing not to do business with you.
  2. Outdated images: You purchased the website two years ago and have not changed the images or content since then. Customers who see fresh content, images, videos, and articles are more likely to revisit a site. 
  3. The website is not “mobile friendly”: With more and more people using mobile phones to conduct business, it is beneficial to build your website “mobile friendly.” Customers with no access to computers may cause your business to be overlooked, or clients choose one of your competitors because of this inconvenience.
  4. The website is not “end user friendly”: If people cannot access information, they will move on.  Any information on a website should be readily available within 2-3 clicks.  
  5. The website is too cluttered: As with anything else, a website should be appealing to the eyes. Too much information on one page will cause people to “swipe left.” A good website has “white space” and provides the “end user” the information they need to take action quickly (such as purchasing an item, downloading an eBook, signing up for a class, etc.).

Most people will make a judgment about your business within the first 10 seconds they visit your site. You might have the best product or service in the world, but if your website doesn’t have that polished look, you may lose that customer.

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