Did you know certain business owners won’t do business with companies without a website?

n order to be successful in today’s technology era, a well-built and functional website is a must. Certain people will not do business with companies not having a website. Why? The website is the face of a company.  It’s the first thing people will “search” or “Google” before deciding to proceed.

Having a website increases client trust and shows the business owner is professional. The perspective is if the owner hasn’t taken the time to do a professional website for the business, how reliable are their products/services?

A professional website will certainly increase business and improve the company’s conversion rate.

Creating a website is much easier and not as expensive as one may think. No longer are we in the days where a developer is required to create a website.  After choosing the domain name, certain software applications will register and configure the site for you.  Freelancers are another option.

A website gives business owners the full ability to be as creative and innovative as they wish.  Social media limits customization by requiring content to be pushed out in one format. A website allows business owners to stand apart from their competition.

Websites are the center of all marketing efforts.  Once a potential customer finds your business on social media, they need a place to land (i.e., purchase a product/service or sign up for emails and newsletters). Campaigns are also easier to manage when everything is interconnected, and the common denominator is a website.

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