Avoid Procrastination – Roughly 25% of adults deal with chronic procrastination.  It can affect a physical task such as a desk buried in paperwork or mental tasks such as several unfinished projects weighing on your mind.  Both mental and physical clutter can prevent you from moving forward.  Focus on the physical task by eliminating distractions or distracting thoughts.  Bring closure to lingering issues.

Avoid Stress – 41% of the workforce experiences daily stress.  This may take some work and time, but align your life and work with your values.  Put greater emphasis on life and work activities that progress towards what’s most important to you.  Eliminate those which don’t.

Avoid Clutter – 91% of disorganization hinders efficiency.  This goes hand in hand with avoiding procrastination.  Create systematic steps throughout your day to ensure all tasks are captured and maintained no matter what the barrier.  Keeping tasks organized and systematic eliminates clutter and procrastination opening the doors to progress.