With more and more Americans quitting their jobs for better pay or personal family obligations, it’s no secret, that employers have their hands full with figuring out how to retain their human resources.  But what about the former employee?  If you have or thinking about quitting your job, consider these 5 tips:

  1. Find a side gig:  While waiting to seek full-time employment or that right job, consider a side gig that you enjoy.  Doing this not only keeps income flowing in but also keeps the door open to new connections and opportunities.
  2. Be Open-Minded:  Don’t limit yourself to what you know.  Open yourself to new ideas and opportunities, no matter how different they are from what you know.  Oftentimes, after people suffer a job loss, they discover a new niche or even start a business.
  3. Consider your successes:  Reflect on your past skills and connections to maintain a positive and healthy outlook.  Drawing on your success can provide the framework for your next career or job.
  4. Learn something new:  Taking a class or training can lead to future opportunities.
  5. Rest and Balance: Remember to rest and maintain a positive outlook.  Pursue hobbies and interests.  Take the time to restore and revamp.    

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