There are several reasons to embrace marketing for your business.

Communication – There are several things you must communicate with your customers/clients such as:

• Who you are

• What products/services do you offer

• What makes you stand apart from your competitors

• How can customers/clients purchase your products/services

Drives Sales – Often times it is not the product/service that is subpar. It may be no one knows about the products/services. With a large majority of Americans shopping online, its no wonder if your business is not being marketed, it can be lost to the competition.

Keeps you competitive – Aside from not getting lost to the competition, a solid market plan will show your customers what you have to offer and how it differs or stands apart from your competition.

The long term – If you plan on your business being around for the long run, branding your business is essential. It’s worth knowing, that marketing and branding are not the same. Marketing is the vehicle for branding your business.

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