1. Fast Entry

Wholesaling is an excellent way for beginners to get started.  Wholesaling does not require a license, college degree, or expertise in renovating properties.  Beginners can hit the ground running.   

2. Valuable Experience

Wholesaling real estate provides a great way to acquire the experience needed in the real estate industry. You will develop a basic understanding of the buying and selling process. However, it is always wise to do the research first.  Learn the basics of wholesaling real estate. Understand what to consider in deals and what to avoid. Seek proper guidance and knowledge on how to scale your business and operate within your state’s Real Estate License Laws.

3. Quick Cash

Payouts for holding land and engaging in new construction can take years.  Rentals will provide monthly cash, but again, the larger payout can take years. Wholesaling is quite the opposite. Payouts can happen in days and some instances, hours.

4. Location Independent

Location! Location! Location! It doesn’t really matter. Wholesaling real estate deals can be done from anywhere in the world. In most situations, a laptop with reliable internet and a phone will be sufficient to complete a wholesale transaction.

5. Minimal Risk

If fully leveraged, wholesaling real estate has a zero-risk investment strategy. Generally speaking, no investment is 100% risk-free. However, in wholesaling, if you do not hold onto properties, do not use financing, and ensure that you are in and out of property deals within days, the risk is relatively low, yet the upside potential is incredibly high.